10+2 – Humanities

humaniPlus Two in Humanities
2 years
Required credit course:
HSEB affiliation


Plus two in Humanities is a foundation level course. It is for those students who want to pursue their under graduates on mass communication, sociology, English and other related field of interest.


Students are required to have completed their SLC examination or equivalent with a minimum of 50% in aggregate.

Admission Procedures

Students should apply in the prescribed application form. Selection is based on

– Previous Academic Performance
– Entrance Test Score

The entrance test comprises of English, Mathematics and General Knowledge. Duration of the test will be an hour and is online based. .

– Interview and Parents counseling

After the completion of entrance test, students have to face an interview. Parents counseling may also be done in order to ensure the eligibility of students in the program.

Course List for Plus Two in Humanities Program

Course Title
Class XI
Compulsory Area

  • English
  • Nepali

Optional Area
(Any Three)

  • Mass Communication, Math, Computer
  • Sociology
  • Economics, Major English

Class XII
Compulsory Area

  • English
  • Environmental Education

Optional Area
(Any Three)

  • Mass Communication, Math, Computer
  • Economics, Major English, Sociology


There are two shifts available in the college. The students may choose one of the following shifts according to their convenience,

a. Morning Shift
b. Day Shift

Scholarship and Award

RIA provides full and partial scholarships to the deserving candidates from all over the country.

Merit Basis
– 100% scholarship to the SLC Board Topper and to the Toppers in the different development regions (both boys and girls)
– 100% Scholarship on tuition fee to the first five students securing 85% or above marks.
– 100% scholarship on tuition fee to its own toppers of RIA.
– 100% scholarship to the entrance test topper.

Need Basis

– 50% scholarship on tuition and admission fees respectively to the first 5 students from minority, marginalized and ethnic communities or from remote areas.
– 100% scholarship on tuition fee for first five student National Players.