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Welcome to RIA

Reliance International Academy (School)

“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge and knowledge makes you great.”

Reliance International Academy (RIA) believes in imparting education with a deep and visible commitment to excellence in education. Since its inception, RIA has earned a formidable place among valley’s putative schools because of its total dedication to the high quality pragmatic education, co–curricular and extra–curricular activities.

Here everyone is genuinely open, friendly and helpful, making students’ academic pursuit, more enjoyable and goal oriented. It comprises highly experienced, qualified, trained and leading academic professionals.

We believe all children have unique potential that should be encouraged. And as we know that for children to excel in today’s competitive and technology–driven world, they need a new set of skills–social and emotional, as well as academic. Integrated programmes based on multi–faced activities are being implemented to have an apt balance of linguistic, cognitive, creative, socio–emotional and physical development of the children.

Our curriculum is richly supported by innovative teaching methodologies. Knowledge of different activities like sports, music, art and craft, yoga meditation and many more provide students to foster their hidden skills and talent in various aspects.

Constant monitoring, supervision and guidance in the form of in–school programme for the teachers and students have yielded rich dividends and proved the worthiness of the excellence in academics.

RIA has been awarded by District Education Committee, Kathmandu and PABSON for its outstanding SLC Board First Result in 2071 B.S. It has been conducting different programmes for future global citizens under the supervision of the British Council.

Finally, RIA shares a sense of public responsibility–responsible as a citizen in the immediate community, the reason, the country and the world. RIA is a private school with a public conscience. So, what is RIA about? RIA is about academic excellence, public responsibility, diversity and change. So, come and join with it and become a part of great experience.