General Rules of RIA

General Rules of RIA

All the students should attend the school regularly. Students without proper school uniform will be debarred from entering the classes, Jewelries and cosmetics are not allowed.

Any types of misbehaviour with the teachers, staff and other students will not be tolerated.

A student is granted leave on submission of convincing and reasonable application with the recommendation of the concerned guardian.

All the students should speak English within the school premises as well as in the classes except in Nepali classes.

Students securing less than 90% attendance in a term will not be allowed to appear in the examination.

Students’ name will be struck off the register if pending of payment continues until the end of the third month.

Students violating the rules and regulations of RIA will be treated as follows:

Convincing and warning

Psychological treatment

Suspension from class

Counseling with the guardians

Expulsion, if not improved